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First name, Last name: VALERIA NOVITSKAYA
Address: 12 Prodolnaya Street House 44 Flat 91 Nikolaev City 54000 Ukraine
Telephone: Home +380512213021, Mobile +380633513531
E-mail: unknown
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Samples of her messages:

one of her many scams is to say her husband got killed in a car crash when her daughter was a baby. & she has to pay the judge so her daughter will not have to go & live with her dead husbands wealthy parents if that happens she could never be with you.

Another scam is to arrange to see you. You pay for the accomodation & transport. Just before you are to leave to meet her. A crisis happens, she can not meet you. You can not get your money back as she has already paid it out. But she will be able to get a big discount next time. The women has so many scams its unreal. Avoid this women at all costs. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Scheme fraud:
    • Valeria/Valeriya is the most convincing & devious liar you will ever meet. She is a professional gold digger & scammer who works for dating agencies as a chat hostess/ letter writer. (Anastasia id 1692679 & Jump4love id 149412 are 2 of the many sites she uses).

      She will meet you & be all over you like a rash professing her love for you & making you think you are the only man for her. Then the hints & demands will start, she is very clever at getting men to part with there hard earned cash. Take her on holidays, buy gifts & send her money, lots of money. She will never ask via dating site letter or email as this is evidence. It is usually via text message or chat on dating site. Also uses Skype (Name Businka).

      She says on her profiles she is single, never married.

      FACT.... She married David Arutyunam September 27th 2008 Divorced May 24th 2010.

      She says she is single & looking for serious relationship & marriage.

      Fact.... She has an Egytian partner/pimp. Check other scam sites for photo of them together. They often holiday abroad together possibly using your hard earned money. She also dates A LOT of other men from Italy, France, U.S.A. United Kingdom & Ukraine. Basically anybody as long as they are paying.

      If you want to save yourself a lot of time money & heartbreak avoid this women at all costs. She spends more time on dating sites & with men than she does with her own daughter. That should tell you what she is like..

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